Star Stuck


The large octopoidal eyes of the Ptarktic Sergeant Gomb flutter as he awakens within the cryogenic chamber.  Slowly the chamber rises up to the ceiling and he finds himself in the heart of the giant ship "Mojo Risen", surrounded by other cryogenic tubes rising to the ceiling.  The four soldiers of his squad are there: The octopoid Ptarktic Sloupy and the three humans, Acpma, Beta, and Ralph.

Escaping from five other chamber are the geologists that they were sent to protect.

Sergeant Gomb checks a clock on a control panel.  2:00 in the morning.  Then he pauses.  The date the clock shows is a year after take-off.  Not the three weeks he was expecting.  He walks over to a comm panel and tries to communicate with the Bridge.  There is no answer.  The Sergeant knows that there are other soldiers outside the cryogenic area watching over the laborers.  He tries to contact them with his combat suit's radio.  Again, no answer.

Sergeant Gomb tells the scientists to stay put.  He goes to the forcefield seperating the cryogenic area from the bridge and lowers the forefield.  The squad enters the bridge.  It's a huge open room.  Easily half a mile from one side to the other.  This is the area that the crew lives and works in.  There's a running track around the room, sleeping quarters along the far walls, a large kitchen area in the center of the room, and at the far end, the working area of the Bridge.  There is nobody in sight, no movement, no life. 

Sergeant Gomb splits up his squad and has them scout out the room, meeting in the work area of the bridge.  The Sergeant travels down the middle of the room.  As he reaches the work area, he finds the decomposed skeleton of a crew member sitting in a chair in front of a video screen.  A search of the corpse reveals that these are the bones of Ensign Jensen.  The clues indicate that he was recording a video when he died.  The Sergeant plays the video from the beginning.  The first video is a log, stating that they've landed and that the Captain took the crew out to greet the initial landing party.  The Captain and crew did not return.  Shortly after they left, "something" broke into the ship's hold, but what it was is unknown, as the security cameras were destroyed the moment that any sign of movement began to show in them.  With each new video there was no new information, except that Ensign Jensen was slowly growing insane.  Finally, he had gone completely insane, and died while recording a meaningless rant.

A further search of the computer system reveals a passcode belonging to a small shuttle attached to the Mojo. 

Adventure Intro

Dgrtha is a planet packed with rare minerals.  The Public Mining Corporation (PMC) has the beginnings of a mining operation there.  Currently there is a team of 2 geologists, 10 soldiers, and 20 laborers who have done the initial scan, mapping, and prep work for the mining.  

The "Mojo Risin" mining vessel is traveling to Dgrtha to deliver heavy mining equipment, supplies, 300 laborers and their families, 15 additional soldiers, and 5 additional geologists.  The mission is to deliver the supplies, act as a basecamp while mining is going on, to load the minerals and ore, and then transport that back to Apolit, the home planet of the PMC.

The trip to Dgrtha is a three week trip.  The "Mojo" must first pass through a stargate and then travel 21 parsecs to reach the planet.  Due to the long trip, those with money (the geologists and by proxy the 5 soldiers assigned to them) were put into cryogenic sleep to avoid boredom.  The 300 laborers and the 10 soldiers to watch over them were placed into a special section of the ship for lower class passengers (a very special way of saying that their living quarters were to be especially lacking of amenities and they were expected to bring what they could to make the place 'home' during the journey).


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